Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What are Peptides?

Do you feel your skin less youthful, and less 'plump'?

Do not panick! By using Peptides, you can improve those appearances, and settle your insecurities.

But, what are Peptides?

Peptides are amino acids that are linked together, and also known as the building blocks of the collagen and skin!

Believe it or not Peptides were actually discovered from yeast.
Yeast extracts were used in the 1930's in medication to improve the healing of wounds. Later on when proteins were exracted from the yeast, they were the ones to be proven of benefiting the healing of the wounds and also the collagen growth.

The word Peptide comes from Greek origin, the original word being Pepsis which means 'digestion'.

Within the proteins they discovered peptides that were enzymatically manufactured by the yeast and that held low molecular weight and the ability to speed up the regulation of cellular growtth and cellular turnover that led to the skin healing and rejuvenating.

After a protein is digested, a peptide is formed and the body's ability to familiarize with a peptide is improved once it is applied topically.

The discovery of proteins and Peptides led to the encounter of Peptides in ones own natural moisturizer!

There are many different Peptides and each one has the ability of uniquely improving something in your skin!

Curious about what the first topical Peptide was?

It's called Pentapeptide, and it is known to stimulate cell growth and improve collagen and fibronectin.
Pentapeptide is extremely important for collagen because it decreases the collagen destruction in one's skin and instead enhances collagen synthesis.

Peptides are what YOU are looking for to improve YOUR skin.
Not only will you instantly feel rejuvenated after applying products that are specilaized with peptides but, you will also look younger and brighter!

Our first suggestion would be to have a signiature HydroPeptide facial that lasts a blissful 90 minutes! Here at LaserSkin Rejuvenation Center we offer our exclusive marble stone massage while your skin is left being pampered and well nourished with 17 peptides that will automatically leave your skin visibly plumper.

Don't miss out on your opportunity to regain that healthy, glowy, skin you might have lost sight of a while ago!

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