Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Questions You MUST ask EVERY TIME You Receive Botox!

Are you on the hunt for the the greatest special on Botox? Do you go from facility to facility just to take advantage of their specials? Did you know that there is standard protocol recommended for each area?

Here are some of the question you MUST ask EVERY TIME you receive Botox:

How many units are you receiving in each area?
The standard is 20 units for your forhead, 20 units for your brow area (also called angry lines) and either 16 units or 24 units for your crowsfeet to get ultimate results. This is the recommended amount required from Allergan, the company that makes Botox. Anything less is substandard for long lasting effects.

Does the facility offer you to join the Brilliant Distinction Program?
In addition to special discounts, by being a member, you also can receive additional coupons offered by Allergan Company to use towards your treatments. It is a fantastic way to get additional savings for doing NOTHING!!

Do you ask if the person giving you the injections is a fully certified physician or by a hired technician?
 It really makes a difference who is administering the injections, you want them to be precise and injected in the proper areas to avoid mistakes.

So just remeber... what's better?
To save a few bucks and not know what you are receiving or who is giving it to you, or to go to a facility who is reputable with the care of a physician each and every time you receive botox whether there is a sale or not??? Please don't forget to ask if the facility participates in the Brilliant Distinction Program for additional savings.

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