Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How To Choose the Right Sunscreen

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and the factor is the number beside the acronym. For example, "15" means that that you are probable of staying in the sun 15 more times longer than if you were unprotected.

If you were starting to get burned after 15 minutes without sunblock, after applying SPF15 you could technically, (Although, not recommended) stay in the sun for 225 minutes.

Searching for the right sunscreen can sometimes be tricky because we may settle for the number that looks largest, trusting that it protects us the most, but in reality there are many other factors that affect our sun protection.

The next thing that you should look for after looking at the SPF coverage amount is whether or not it protects you from UVA and UVB rays. Sunscreens labeling "Broad Spectrum" inform you whether or not they do protect you from both types of rays , and reading through the Active ingredients label for ingredients such as "Zinc Oxide" and "Titanium Oxide" will also let let you know. Zinc Oxide, and Titanium Oxide are two of the main ingredients that have been proven to effectively protect skin from harmful UVA rays.

Many doctors, including our own Dr. Kobobel recommend no less than SPF of 30 because they believe that it is enough to protect someone on a regular day to day, basis. If you were someone who was constantly in the sun then SPF 30 would still be recommended so long as you continuously reapply.
But, the problem that many people face is the lack of reapplication and therefore they buy SPF with a greater factor for example "70" because they think it will protect them more.

Studies show that people who use SPF 70 are receiving the same amount of UV rays as people using SPF 30 because they trust and rely on their products too much and do not reapply.

Products with such high SPF can produce skin irritation or allergies and the higher the SPF coverage, the weaker the UVA protection because it is cancelling out beneficial ingredients.

Here at Laser Skin Rejuvenation Center we offer a range of 5 different skin moisturizers containing SPF 30-35 from the Image Skin Care Line. Our best sellers are the "Matte Moisturizer" and "Ultimate Preventive Moisturizer".

The Matte Moisturizer is amazing for Oily skin and provides a Broad Spectrum and the Ultimate Preventive Moisturizer is extremely nourishing and is great for skin that is often exposed to the sun, also Broad Spectrum.

We recommend that you focus on these key features of sun protection and choose wisely next time you're in the market for a good Sun Block/Moisturizer. 
Sun is one of the primary causes of our aging and that is why protection from it should be started as soon as possible.
It is important that you apply the right sunscreen daily, don't leave home without it! Reapply, Reapply, REAPPLY!

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